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Welcome !

Goshindo Judo Club was originally formed in 1984 by Mel Church which was originally held at the High School in Salisbury Road, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.

Goshindo Judo Club has always had a healthy membership over the years since the Judo Club's inception, and a great number of our members has represented Goshindo Judo Club at local, Eastern, Regional and National Events. A considerable number of Goshindo Judo Club's members have also gone on to represent not only Goshindo Judo Club but also Great Britain and International.

In January 2000, Goshindo Judo Club relocated to it's current venue in the Martial Arts Centre, Oulton Broad, Lowestoft,. This allows us to provide dedicated Judo training at a permanent facility specifically maintained for the purpose of the study of Martial Arts in all it's forms.

Goshindo Judo Club has been set up to specifically cater for children and give them the opportunity to learn Judo in an informal way that is enjoyable & fun. We use games that enhance and encourage the individual child's ability, agility, co-ordination and confidence with an emphasis on techniques.

Goshindo Judo Club has signed up to the Yellow Belt Challenge which is the fighting chance project of the British Judo Association partnered programme. We engage with young people with disadvantage or Vulnerable backgrounds between 11 - 25 years old.

Each young person that signs up is set the "Yellow Belt Challenge". They will receive:

One FREE Judo Session

12 Months FREE membership to British Judo

FREE gradings up to Yellow belt (up to 4)

One FREE Judo Suit